The winks are cosituated of a few movies that are included in others. There can be a typical personage, a song, a phrase... there are thousands of winks and to stop to see them, it is necessary to be very attentive. They are very entertaining." A wink is when a movie reminds other one to you".


In Main Hoon Na, the song that SRK sings whenever it sees the chemistry teacher is "Ek Ladki Ko Dekha" of the movie 1942: To love story.

In Weddings and Prejudices, the cartelito of Kuch Kuch Hota Hai see two times behind.

In Kal Ho Naa Ho, in scene of the Ferry, SRK when towards the clown to attract the attention of Franky he says to him that his hair does not have a stylish cut of which it is not guilty of not having seen Dil Chaata Hai", a movie in which exactly they salt Saif Ali khan and Preity Zinta.

In Kal Ho Naa Ho, salt Ranee and Kajol dancing and also Uday chopra saying one of the days.

In Saathiya (of Ranee and Vivek Oberoi) in the scene that goes out Ranee in the train looking for Vivek, a fat woman says to him: "Perhaps this encime of the train dancing the Chaiyan Chaiyan" that is a song of Dil Se, where Khan goes out shahrukh dancing on a train.

In Double, Shahrukh has double personality. In a scene, it goes out in the street, sadly because his mother goes away and then a girl called Simra happens (just as in DDLJ) and SRK asks him if she would concentrate on someone like him. She looks of the feet at the head and begins to lllamar his fiancÚ Raj and it is moving. Raj is the name of srk in DDLJ and the city is the same in which they went away of honeymoon Simra and Raj of DDLJ.

In K3G, there is a heap. Srk and Kajol call just as in KKHH (Rahul and Anjali). the mute teeny-weeny child of KKHH that was not stopping counting the stars, goes out equally of mute counting stars in the song of K3H and disconcerted Jonnhy is seen in that kajol it goes of yellow Yeh Ladki hai allah. In the song Suraj Hua Madam, towards the end he begins dreaming the KKHH melody. Before a song intones the song of Say Shava, Amitabh cantonea and Ranee starts laughing. It is the song Aati Kya Khandala de Ghulam led by Ranee and Aamir Khan Cuando to SRk the car gets damaged him, towards half of the movie, he jokes with kajol and they have the same discussion as in KKHH. One says: "... i don't like jokes!" and other say say: "... i don't like you!"

In Mohabbatein, the man who does of father in "I want to be like beckam" that it goes behind the biggest woman, it goes out singing a KKHH song

In Kal Ho Naa ho, before the song "Pretty woman", two grandmothers sing the song "Maar give it" of Devdas.

In the movie DIL HAI TUMHAARA, when they are on the point of presenting the piece of news inagen of a supreme one of apples that they wanted to promote, the people begin applauding and I displease one he says "I thought that it was going to go out shahrukh khan"

In Lajja, it goes out madhuri speaking about Shahrukh as his favorite actor and about Josh like movie of the year.

In Khakhee, Akshay kumar speaks by phone and his niece asks for permission to accompany to the premiere of a movie of Shahrukh Khan. In the same movie, salt Ajay Devgan singing the song of Kal Ho Naa Ho.






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