Turned out Trivial Khan


From 0 to 4 POINTS:

You are not a girl Khan, but you it might be... It enters our forum and you will discover the big universe Khan


From 4 to 8 POINTS

You are a Girl Khan, Basic. You have seen some movie of Shahrukh Khan, although you do not remain with the Qualifications, not the names. It enters the Shahrukh movies.


From 8 to 12 POINTS

You are a Girl quite awake Khan. You concentrate on everything, although even it is necessary to you to know the songs, and the tricks of the movies and more about other actors to part of SRK. You have that Shahrukhear a little more.


From 12 to 16 POINTS

You spend the whole day Shahrukeando to yourself for the network. You love the songs, the letters, you concentrate on the phrases, but to part of all this the directors are, the histories of every movie, the relations between the actors in the reality. You will find all this in the forum, in the paragraph of RUMORS and CURIOSITIES...


From 16 to 20 POINTS

Girl Khan Excelenrte. You know your everything.


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